4 Ways Of Beating Math Anxiety



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If the mere thought of math makes you feel nervous, helpless, or panicky, you may have math anxiety.  Here are four of the best methods for overcoming it.

1. Improve Study Habits

For homework assignments, do the challenging stuff first.  Math shouldn’t be left until last if it is what you are dreading.  If you leave it till last, you may skip it altogether.  That’s the worst thing you can do.  Falling behind in math almost guarantees failure.

Most math is progressively learned in stages.  You must learn the first elements and build upon them to learn later ones.  Skipping one won’t work.  And if you are having trouble with something, don’t wait; GET HELP FAST! Don’t let your math anxiety grow to full-fledged math avoidance.

2. Relax

Don’t let stress build over time. For homework, relieve stress by walking around. Breathe deeply. Take a break.

In a testing situation, stretch your body. It helps blood circulation relieving the physical components of stress. Use a stress squeeze-ball to combat physical symptoms. Then skip the hardest test problems, doing all of the easier ones first, bolstering confidence for the rest.

3. Find Something You Can Like About Math

Examples of math can be found in stunningly beautiful visual representations. Two of the most impressive are fractal images and tessellations-repeating patterns that form beautifully integrated wholes. Look up the most popular tessellation artist of all time, M.C. Escher, and examine his work. Math can be intriguing and fun in the form of art.

4. Tackle It In Stages

Just like doing the easiest problems first, any single problem should also be done one step at a time. Even if you are stumped at some point, you may get partial credit. Talking or drawing out a problem may help since this uses a different part of your brain. Try to relax and do what you can. NEVER LEAVE A QUESTION UNANSWERED! The rest can be a learning experience for next time.




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