6 Games That Will Enhance Your Child’s Math Skills






Most People believe that math is a hard subject to master and the media supporting this belief does not help much with this either. But everyone loves games, so the best way that you can tackle difficulty in math is by treating it as a game, particularly for your young children. In order to generate this interest to enjoy math in your children is by providing them with great math games that will encourage their mathematical thinking and hone their  math skills. 

Children learn best when they actively take part in any projects, activities or games that challenge, interest or excite them. Learning math can be fun for your children and one of the best ways to inculcate and hone their interest in math is through board and card games. Here is a list of board games that will inspire mathematical thinking that you and your child can enjoy together.

6 Games that will enhance Your Child’s Math Skills

1. Domino Games

Lonely Domino is a pretty straight forward game in which your child has to find an appropriate amount of dominos whose dots have to add up to a total number of 8 after which another pile has to be formed with an increasing number of usually 12 dots. This ensures that your child will have to work with numbers as he has to keep naming them off to create the set number. Repeating a few numbers here and there will show him that there are more solutions than one to get to that number.

2. Sequence Numbers

All sequence board games are a lot of fun due to their pattern seeking agenda. They force your child to do addition and subtraction in order to play the game. Researchers state that the mathematical thinking used in this game are best for children who are anywhere between the first and third grade. Some teachers have even claimed that they personally think that this is the best board game involving basic mathematics for young children.

3. Sumoku

This is a math-centric game that consists of 1-8 players. This is a great game to support a young mathematical thinker as he practices basic computational skills as well as planning and matching. Sumoku does not have any element of speed however but is still interesting and dynamic enough to entertain your whole family.

4. Pizza Fraction Fun Game

This game requires that all people are able to identify, add, subtract and match equal fractions to help make a pizza. The level of difficulty can be adjusted according to your choice.

5. Prime Climb

This game allows your children a fun and unique way to practice their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. This is a great way for your child to cultivate and enjoy mathematical thinking.

6. Sum Swamp

This game can be played by 2-4 people and is designed to sharpen your child’s basic math skills and understanding as he can add and subtract his way through the game. This is a game that your children can grow with and keep on playing for a while. Sum Swamp is also an Oppenheim Best Toy award winner.

My recommendation is that you buy one or some of the above games after which you can get an idea of what you and your children would enjoy. Mathematical thinking requires self-reflection and the ability to collaborate. Give your children a mathematical challenge that they will enjoy with these games today!

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