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Precious Words From A Former Student                                                          “While in high school, a few

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6 Games That Will Enhance Your Child’s Math Skills

          Most People believe that math is a hard subject to master and the media supporting this belief does not help much with this either. But everyone loves games, so the best way that you can

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The Transformation Of The Parabolic Parent Function

Here is a brief quiz on the transformation of the parabolic parent function.                     How did you do?  

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How To Factor A Trinomial Whose Leading Coefficient Is One

  This video will show how to factor a trinomial whose leading coefficient is one, and whose linear and constant terms are positive. ARE YOU OR YOUR CHILD STRUGGLING WITH MATH? ARE YOU READY TO RECEIVE ONLINE PROFESSIONAL TUTORING FOR YOUR

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10 Indicators Your Daughter or Son is Struggling With Math

          1. Says “I hate math.” 2. Sleeps in class. 3. Blanks out during a quiz or test. 4. Can’t remember the steps to solve a one or two-step equation. 5. Makes no effort to start

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How To Calculate The Approximate Distance From Lightning

      To calculate the approximate distance in miles from lightning, follow these steps: 1. Count the number of seconds that pass between the lightning flash and the crack of thunder. 2. Divide the time from Step 1 by

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Are Your Notes Organized?

Here is a resource to help you organize your notes. Simply fill in each box with important concepts or examples your teacher gives during the lesson.                            

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4 Ways Of Beating Math Anxiety

              If the mere thought of math makes you feel nervous, helpless, or panicky, you may have math anxiety.  Here are four of the best methods for overcoming it. 1. Improve Study Habits For

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“Work” Word Problem: Painting A House

            It takes Janet 5 hours to paint a wall of a house. Robert takes 7 hours to paint the same wall. If they work together, how long would it take paint the wall? Janet’s

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Solve a System of Inequalities by Graphing

Solve the system of inequalities by graphing: [latex]Y\le -X+1\\ Y\le 2X+3[/latex] The solution includes the ordered pairs in the intersection of the graphs y<-x + 1 and y< 2x + 3. This region is shaded darker blue in the graph

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Meet Your Tutor

Sergio Caveyo

Sergio is a fully credentialed California High School Math Teacher with 25 years of experience helping students excel at math and algebra concepts.