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Mixture Problem With Prices

            Assorted dried fruit sells for $5.50 per pound.  How many pounds of mixed nuts selling for $4.75 per pound should be mixed with 10 pounds of dried fruit to obtain a trail mix that

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Homework Etiquette

  When turning in algebra homework, are you showing all of your work? Is your writing legible? Some teachers, including this one, need to see all steps involved that lead to the solution. Remember also to write your name, otherwise

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Some Common Mistakes in Algebra

Here are some common Algebra mistakes to be aware of.  (From J. Marquis, 1988)                                     WOULD YOU LIKE MORE HELP WITH YOUR MATHS? MAYBE

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What is Section 504?

        Before 1973 if a family had a special needs child who needed individual attention beyond what the schools offered, they were on their own.  We’ve come a long way since then.  As a society, we now

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What Are The Common Core State Standards?

  What Are The Common Core State Standards? The Common Core State Standards, CCSS, are national learning outcomes for k-12 in Language Arts and Math.  These new learning objectives seek to align varying state curricula with one another through a

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How To Hire A Private Math Tutor

            1.  Ask Your Child How He Or She Feels About Being Tutored Students who are open to the idea of being tutored and know that they need help are likely to benefit from tutoring.

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Solving Systems of Equations By Substitution

              An algebraic method to solving a system of equations in two variables, x and y is the substitution method.  The substitution method uses these steps: 1.  Solve either equation for either variable. 2.

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You May Have Heard of Dyslexia, But Have You Heard of Dyscalculia?

            Dyscalculia is a math learning disability.  Up to 7% of the western population have extreme difficulty in learning grade-appropriate mathematics.   Some exhibited symptoms include difficulty in memorizing the multiplication tables, have a hard

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Guessing on a true-false test

            A true-false test has two parts.  The first part has 10 questions and the second part has 15 questions.  We want to consider these two questions:   1.  In how many ways are there

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Graphing a parabola opening upward

We want to graph the parabola  [latex]y={ x }^{ 2 }+2x-3[/latex].   1.  Identify a, b, and c:       a = 1, b = 2, and c = -3 2.  Determine the vertex, v of the parabola v(x,y).  Where x

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Meet Your Tutor

Sergio Caveyo

Sergio is a fully credentialed California High School Math Teacher with 25 years of experience helping students excel at math and algebra concepts.