“I do believe that I can summarize Mr. Caveyo’s math skills in one word… Awesome!  Seriously, he’s helped me for more than a year in Algebra Concepts, and I’ve managed to improve my grade to a B.”

– Kyle D., Algebra Concepts, Excelsior Charter School, Victorville

“Our son was failing at Algebra. He was barely able to pass a test. With Sergio’s help, our son went from failing math to a B+ in just a few short weeks. Very impressed…”
– Sean B., Parent

“I was really frustrated with the way the school was teaching my son and his grades were terrible. The class was overcrowded and my son was not getting the attention and guidance he needed. We hired Sergio and my son really responded very well to the excellent teaching style and one-on-one instruction. Now his grades are excellent and he finally feels like he can succeed at math and pursue his own goals…”
– Tamara M., Parent

“Mr. Caveyo was able to help me understand pre-calculus better.  Ever since I have been studying with him, my grade in Pre-Calc went from a 78 to a 90!”
-Pre-Calculus Student, Oak Hills High School

“Sergio Caveyo is a very well rounded man. He makes sure you understand the topic before moving on. He brings a sort of family like experience to teaching that makes you feel like you enjoy learning as opposed to getting by. He brought out the best in me and hopefully he can do the same for you”
Louie M, Serrano High School


“Sergio worked with both my 5th grader and 10th grader. He was very kind, patient and willing to explain math concepts repeatedly. Often went above and beyond to provide outstanding service and made sure my kids fully understood what was being taught.”

Aimara F., Parent


Meet Your Tutor

Sergio Caveyo

Sergio is a fully credentialed California High School Math Teacher with 25 years of experience helping students excel at math and algebra concepts.