Don’t Let Your Child Struggle In Math

Many children struggle with Math but know that it is not your fault. The problem often lies with the many failings of our crippled education system that have left your child behind and forced them into a situation where they are not getting the individualized attention and direct tutoring they badly need to be able to succeed.

Many great parents like you see that your child is struggling and failing and it hurts to see your child in this position and be powerless to help them. Many parents cannot recall how to do the math that they teach in the modern education system and desperately need a solution…

Many parents are working hard and just don’t have time to try and struggle to figure out solutions and even have learned math a completely different way or did not take the math that your child is studying and that leaves you more confused than your child.

That is where we can help you and your child…

With many years of experience at all levels of math education we have empowered many students to develop the skills they need to succeed. Our focus is on elevating your child’s ability to overcome the roadblocks they may face.

Every child is different and their needs vary based on their individual struggles. Many students are easily discouraged when working with a subject they struggle with and they shy away from the subject and learn to hate and do anything to avoid it.

However, math is a critical subject for your student’s future success and if you are supportive of your child’s needs and recognize the future need for your students math ability then we can help.

Some of the most common concerns we hear from students are:

  1. My teacher goes too fast for me to understand
  2. I don’t know how to do word problems
  3. I get confused with with the complex methods to solve problems
  4. My class is too noisy and too many children
  5. I’m afraid I might ask a dumb question and get embarrassed
  6. I get nervous during a test and can’t remember how to solve the problems
  7. If I had more practice, I might be able to understand what we are studying

It is time to elevate your child’s ability to succeed with direct cost-effective tutoring

Our program is designed to help secure your child’s future and stop them suffering from math anxiety. Our one-on-one stylized teaching helps pin-point your child’s needs and catapult your child to success.

We will help identify what EXACTLY is holding your child back and guide them and help them gain the confidence they need to multiply their math skills.

Our tutors will help your child eliminate their fear and make math fun. It all adds up to a solid success plan and overcome all the roadblocks that have been hurting your child’s chances of success.

Our MISSION is to ensure that your child can developer the laser-targeted math skills they need to move forwards and elevate their future potential.

We can also help children with special needs and learning disabilities who need that extra attention and stop them failing.

As a parent you know your child’s needs and realize the true value tutoring can provide but we can only accept a few tutoring students at any one time.

We offer you a chance to have a LIVE tutor 3 times a week to help your child with their homework (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for 1 hour per session) as a dedicated homework helper to guide them to success.

You can also have our tutors work one-on-one with your child to help them not only leap forward but THRIVE in the one subject that was hurting them. This is only available for active members of our special program as an ON-DEMAND extra service based on your needs.

So, if you want to stop your child slipping off the cliff and get a firm foothold on their future success then get started now and let’s work together to secure your child’s future.


Meet Your Tutor

Sergio Caveyo

Sergio is a fully credentialed California High School Math Teacher with 25 years of experience helping students excel at math and algebra concepts.